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Silica Gel Packets for Food Storage

Product name: Silica Gel Packets for Food Storage
Item code: 1000-13BC320-001
Size: 145*310mm
Packaging: 5pcs/bag, 4bags/ctn
Application: wooden cartons, shipping containers, warehouse etc.

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Product Details

Silica Gel Packets for Food Storage Details:

Item code: 1000-13BC320-001

Size: 145*310mm

Packaging: 5pcs/bag, 4bags/ctn




Packing film


500 gram

145*200 mm

SMS fabric


1000 gram

145*265 mm

SMS fabric

1000-12BO320-008(with hook)

1000 gram

145*265 mm

SMS fabric

The desiccant refers to a substance capable of removing moisture in a moist substance, and is dried by combining with water to form a hydrate; the silica gel is dried by physically adsorbing water. The control of moisture is closely related to the yield of the product. In the case of food, under the proper temperature and humidity, the bacteria and mold in the food will multiply at an alarming rate, causing the food to spoil, causing moisture and discoloration. Electronic products can also cause oxidation of metals due to excessive humidity, which can cause adverse reactions. The use of desiccant is to avoid the occurrence of defective products caused by excess moisture.


Food desiccant has its advantages as a new material for food preservation. It is packed in the same container as the food, allowing the food to be better preserved. As a raw material, silica gel has no side effects such as no chemical reaction, no strange smell, and no harmful gas generation. In case of accidental consumption, it is harmless to the human body.

Silica Gel Packets Features:

1. High adsorption performance and strong moisture absorption performance.

2. Good thermal stability, non-toxic, odorless.

3. It is chemically stable and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.

4. Have higher mechanical strength


Silica Gel Packets are used to absorb moisture from a variety of consumer products, from pharmaceuticals to electronics and of course to shoe boxes.

Storage and packaging:

Silica gel has a strong hygroscopic capacity and should, therefore be stored in a dry place with a shelf between the package and the floor. Rain, moisture, and exposure should be avoided during transportation.

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