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Small Space Moisture Absorber

  • Drawer and Closet Moisture Absorber

    Drawer and Closet Moisture Absorber

    1. Super moisture absorption ability, rapid absorption speed, can welly solve the mold and moisture damage problem.
    2. Safe, environment friendly.
    3. After absorbed, it quickly locks the water, and turn into gel, no leakage risk.
    4. Independent packet,...

  • Shoe Odor and Moisture Absorber

    Shoe Odor and Moisture Absorber

    The shoe odor and moisture absorber packs containers bamboo charcoal and natural clay desiccant or silica gel desiccant. It can inhale the odors and moistures, anti-bacteria. It is specially designed for sport shoes, short boots odor eliminating.

  • Corner Moisture Absorber Bar

    Corner Moisture Absorber Bar

    ‚ÄčIngredient: Calcium Chloride, Polyacrylamide, mildew preventive, fragrance particle
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Usage period: 1~2 months (according to moisture condition)

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