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Moisture Control Of Containerized Cargo

Moisture Control Of Containerized Cargo

Container Desiccants are specially designed for Shipping Export Containers for preventing the goods from moisture and container rain damages.Container Desiccant controls humidity inside the container through continuously adsorbing the moisture from the enclosed air. Our desiccant is designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container's climate (C.F. Silica Gel).

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Product Details

Protect cargo through all temperature ranges & relative humidity variances


Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo is a highly functional, effective specially desiccant that can protect nearly all types of cergo for up to 90 days. Unlike traditional desiccants like bentonite clay and silica gel, which work to reduce residual moisture to less than 5% , Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo works instead to moderate relative humidity levels and prevent condensation that develops during day to night temperature fluctuations or extreame temperature changes. with a high capacity for absorption capacity actually increases as relative humidity rises.

Available Configurations  

Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo is available in 125- gram bags, in both adhesive strip and single varieties.Container Dri II Strip is the solution on the market available with adhesive backing that ensures easy installation onto the walls of shipping containers or inside storage warehouses. Individual bags can be placed between stacks of cargo.

Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo  is packaged in DuPont Tyvek®, a strong, highly-durable, non-dusting material. It is made of completely safe, non-toxic materials.

Usage Requirement


Generally, 32, 125-gram bags of Moisture Control of Containerized Cargoare recommended for 20-foot shipping containers, and 64 bags are recommended for 40-foot containers. The numbers may vary,depending on shipping conditions & the nature of the products being protected. Sud-Chemie works directly with customers to determine the optimal number of bags needed to protect goods for their journey.

Replace Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo when the contents feel completely like a gel.

For safety resons, direct contact between the printed side of the bag and other surfaces,especially metal parts, casings,textiles, paper, and liquid-absorbent or rust-prone products, should be avoided.

Performance data

At 90% relative humidity (RH) at 25 C°, the absorption capacity of each bag will be approximately 280% of its weight.

Moisture Control of Containerized Cargocontinues to reduce the relative humidity down to levels below 40% RH, which decreases the dew point temperature even further.

Certificates of the Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo

Ocean Container Desiccant for Cargo Protection

1kg Super Dry Ocean Container Desiccant for Cargo Protection

The advantage of Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo

Calcium chloride is one of the most potent  moisture absorbing compounds found in nature. As the second most commonly occurring substance in seawater next year.


Delivery, Shippinng of Moisture Control of Containerized Cargo

Shipping: sea, air, express(FEDEX, DHL, UPs)

Delivery: within 3-15 days depending on the quantity.

1.4kg Super Dry Sac Hanging Container Desiccant

1.4kg Super Dry Sac Hanging Container Desiccant

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