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Cargo Desiccants Aimed At Protecting Cargo During Shipping

Cargo Desiccants Aimed At Protecting Cargo During Shipping

Cargo Desiccant is a specially designed cargo desiccant aimed at protecting cargo from moisture during shipping. It can perfectly control the relative humidity in the container by absorbing vapor quickly. Therefore 'Container rain' cannot form, thereby avoiding many potential damaging issues.

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Cargo Desiccants Aimed At Protecting Cargo During Shipping

Container Desiccant is a line of specially designed to eliminate condensation inside shipping and storage containers. By eliminating condensation, Container Desiccant easily protects cargo from mold, mildew, rust and corrosion while goods are in transit.

To protect a myriad of goods from costly damage by adsorbing excess moisture during shipping and storage containers to protect any number of products, including 

semiconductors, electronic devices, food, equipment, machinery, military goods metal components and 

Container Desiccant absorbs moisture and reduces humidity levels inside containers, cartons or boxes to prevent your cargo from moisture damage. 

The moisture collected is turned into a gel when absorbed by the active ingredients. The packaging material Tyvek prevents leakage. All our products are Safe and easy to handle.

Why container Desiccant is needed?

Container Desiccant protects cargo by aggressively absorbing moisture from the air. In doing so, Its reduces dew point temperature, the temperature at which condensation begins to form.  

Inside shipping containers, this severe condensation is known as “container rain,” "container sweat" or "cargo sweat" and causes costly product damage. 

The solution to this problem is the Container Desiccant are used to control moisture in many industries and for many different shipping scenarios. It protects all kinds of products from moisture, and works just as well on planes and boats used for cargo transportation as it does on cargo-hauling trucks and trains It can be used to protect everything from agricultural products to metal products to leather goods and more.

Its specifically engineered for use inside shipping containers. It can absorb up to 100% of its own density in moisture, and controls moisture for over 50 days, keeping products safe and dry. The Container Desiccant is an Earth-friendly product, and can be disposed of conveniently and safely.

Product Features of Cargo Desiccants Aimed At Protecting Cargo During Shipping


  • A huge amount of air has to be dehumidified

  • Air with high humidity near dew point conditions has to be dehumidified

  • The packaging system is only semi-closed and the packaging experiences high levels of diffusion (e.g., a seagoing container, cardboard box)

  • Primary goal of the application of a desiccant is to avoid dew point conditions and the formation of liquid water (container rain)

  • The packaged good does not show deterioration at moderate to high humidity levels

Container Desiccant Advantages of Cargo Desiccants Aimed At Protecting Cargo During Shipping


  • Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain”

  • Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion.

  • Absorbs up to 100% of its weight in moisture

  • Provides 50 days or more of moisture protection

  • Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture

  • Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste


Container Desiccant Applications of Cargo Desiccants Aimed At Protecting Cargo During Shipping

  • Ocean, truck, rail & air shipping containers

  • Protection of textiles, leather goods, shoes, furniture , Automotive parts

  • Protection of food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned goods and bottled products

  • Glass ,Wood ,Paints and varnishes

  • Coffee beans, bulk packaged grains, and milled products, Canned goods.

  • Industrial machinery -Protection of industrial products such as auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper and cardboard boxes

  • Ideal for boats & RV’s as well as long term storage applications


Container Desiccant has a lot of advantages over silica gel which are highlighted as under:

  • Much higher adsorption capacity than silica gel

  • Protects products for longer duration than silica gel

  • eliminates the problems of cargo sweat and container rain thus protecting valuable products which otherwise will be spoiled due to harmful effects of humidity variation

Certificates of the 10G Textile Use Desiccant of Calcium Chloride  Cargo Desiccants

Ocean Container Desiccant for Cargo Protection1kg Super Dry Ocean Container Desiccant for Cargo Protection

The advantage of Cargo Desiccants

Calcium chloride is one of the most potent  moisture absorbing compounds found in nature. As the second most commonly occurring substance in seawater next year.


Delivery, Shippinng of Cargo Desiccants

Shipping: sea, air, express(FEDEX, DHL, UPs)

Delivery: within 3-15 days depending on the quantity.

1.4kg Super Dry Sac Hanging Container Desiccant

1.4kg Super Dry Sac Hanging Container Desiccant

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