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Small Dry-Packs Silica Gel Desiccant

Product name: Small Dry-Packs Silica Gel Desiccant
Item code: 1300300006
Size: 20*32mm
Packaging: 2000pcs/bag, 7bags/ctn
Use space≈ 0.25L(sealed)
Application: nuts, foods, pharmaceuticals, card holders, small jewelry boxes, small bags etc.

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Product Details

Product name: Dry-Packs Silica Gel Desiccant:

Size: 20*32mm MF: SiO2
Material: Top quality silica Gel

Use space≈ 0.25L(sealed

Usage: Coating Auxiliary Agents Moisture capacity: 30%-40%
Dosage Reference: 2g/L EINECS No.: Silica gel pack
Type:Adsorbent Packaging: 2000pcs/bag, 7bags/ctn
Available weight: from 0.5 gram to 5gram

Silica Gel Desiccant Sachets Features:

1. It can absorb water to the utmost extent and form a dry air environment to prevent mold growth and corrosion.

2. It should be used in an enclosed space to prevent oxidation, mildew, etc., and put it in the toolbox to protect your valuable tools from rust and even protect expensive leather goods such as jackets, shoes and boots.

3. It can absorb up to 40% water weight and is one of the most absorbent products in commercial desiccants.

4. The material quality is high, pure, and does not contain cobalt chloride, which has no harm to human health. It can be used with confidence.

5. It can be reused. After moisture absorption, it can be dried and reused. The effect is still very good.

6. Can directly apply strong adsorption capacity.


1. The desiccant is used for moisture protection of bottled medicines and foods. Ensure the drying of the contents and prevent the growth of various molds.

2. It can be used as a general packaging desiccant for moisture protection.

3. It can be conveniently placed in the packaging of various items (such as instrumentation, electronics, leather, shoes, clothing, and household appliances, etc.) to prevent the articles from being mildewed or rusted.


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