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Powder Desiccant Dry Pack Of Ocean Container

Powder Desiccant Dry Pack Of Ocean Container

We supply Powder Desiccant Dry Pack of Ocean Container. We have been devoted to moisture prevention, mold solution for more than 20 years. The Powder Desiccant Dry Pack is used to absorbing moisture inside container. Its high absorption rate works better than normal desiccant silica gel, clay,etc

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Product Details

Description of the Powder Desiccant Dry Pack

special designed desiccant for container, it can pervent cargo from moisture/mildew/rust/oxidation damage due to container moisture condensation.   Such as damage cartons appearance and out packing, affect quality of goods, generate rust, label fall off.

 Desiccant for Container

Moisture absorption principe: Calcium chloride container desiccant has high moisture absorption capacity, up to 300% of it`s own weight at temperature 25℃ and Relative humidity 90%; 1kg container dry pole can absorb 3kg crystallization water. 

Container desiccant is an eco-friendly product which is non-toxic, innocuity, degradable. It has been passed RoHs and REACH.

Specification of the Powder Desiccant Dry Pack


Container Desiccant


Powder Calcium Chloride



Net Weight



Inner: PET film + high quality non-woven

Outer: high quality non-woven





Moisture Adsorption

50℃, RH=95%, 352.5%



Feature  and Benefits of the Powder Desiccant Dry Pack

1,Absobs up to 300% of its own weight depending on mix and pachaging.

Tests prove that 100 grams of silica gel are required to absorb moisture only 10 grams of Absorb High efficient desiccant will suffice,SISUOBO High efficient desiccant absorption rate is 8-15 times than that of common desiccants.


2,Strong moisture absorption,no leakage

SISUOBO high efficient desiccant with the active ingredients which can turn into gel when the calcium chloride holding a chemical reaction with moisture,Plus the two-layer packing made of non-woven fabric and breathable film,which can totally hold the moisture inside the package.  

Ensuring no leakage,and an evaporation after completely moisture absorption.


3,Completely after absorption of water does not evaporate

The moisture inside the general desiccant can go through the desiccant package into the air when encountering with the high temperature after moisture adsorption,While Chunwang desiccant can mix the moisture with the calcium chloride and turn them into gel,in this case,the moisture in not easy to evaporate.


4,Broad application temperature range from -5℃ --90℃.

SISUOBO high efficient with their active ingredients are suitable and can be used in almost all the maritime environment worldwide.


5,Environmental protection,non-toxic

Chunwang desiccant using the environment friendly and non-toxic material,DMF Free which is disposable.Comply with all national import and export standard.


6,Approved by related authority organization

All desiccant from Absorb passed the test of RoHS,REACH,DFM free,it's Quality graranteed.

Application & usage of the Powder Desiccant Dry Pack

·Agricultural products: Spices, coffee, tea, bagged rice tobacco, pepper, wheat flour, wheat bran, ginger, cloves, cashew nuts, betel nuts, cocoa, tobacco, copra, vegetables, fruits and others.

·Wood Products: Furniture, moulding timber, wood pulp and paper products.

·Electronic Products: Electrical applicances, cable, electron component, electronic toy.

·Leather and cloth Products: Footwear, handbag, garment, furniture.

·Metal Products: Sheets, coils, machinery, auto/spare parts, aluminum billets, copper products etc.

·Textiles:Garments,batik and fabrics.

·House products: Glass ware, melamine, handicrafts, polythene and Charcoal.

Delivery and Shipping of the Powder Desiccant Dry Pack

Absorbing Container Desiccant Chemical

moisture absorbing strip

PE bag

package box

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