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DMF Free Humidity Absorber Shipping Container Desiccant

DMF Free Humidity Absorber Shipping Container Desiccant

DMF Free Humidity Absorber Shipping Container Desiccant

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Product Details

Damaging humidity problem such as container condensation problem container rain and cargo sweat will result in a lots of cargoes corrosion problem.

Because of the big changing temperature in a shipping container voyage. A changing temperature will lead to the humidity in a container go up and down throughout the voyage. If the temperature changes rapidly enough there are sure to be moisture risk, even if the container may be fairly dry.

Because warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. That means that if warm air is cooled, it become more humid. And if it is cooled enough, some of the moisture may rain out and condense. Such as container rain will directly drip down on the cargo’s outer package and cause damage, like peeling label, soften carton box, and lead to a big damage.

Chunwang DMF Free container desiccant moisture absorber with ROHS REACH certification pk silica gel for furniture storage.

Furniture product will be very sensitive to humidity problem, furniture parts are combined with wood, metal, leather; and the damaging moistrue will result in rotten wood, fading color leather, rusty metal and so on.

Chunwang desiccant is a harmless, non-toxic drying agent, DMF Free with powerful moisture absorbent capacity for more than 300% of its own weight, for longlast 90 days. 

Will be the best moisture absorber for furniture storage conquer damaging humidity problem.

Desiccant for Container

* Become Solid Once Absorbing Moisture From Air, Leakage Free And Low Revaporization Rate

Chunwang Container Desiccant is combine with active ingredients food grade binding agent, will become solid gel once absorb moisture vapor from the surrounding air and will not leak or escape.

What’s more, unlike traditional calcium chloride container desiccant, will trun to liquid form water, increase liquid leakage and water revaporization problem.

* -20℃ to +90℃ Operating Temperature Range, Suitable For Shipping Container.

Chunwang Container Desiccant’s operating temperature range is -20℃ to +90℃, suitable for shipping container conquer moisture problem. While other traditional desiccant, such as silica gel desiccant, Once the temperature rise above 40℃, the water already absorbed by silica gel will re-evaporate to the air and may damage the cargo again.

* Good Quality Double Package protection

All Chunwang Desiccant are packed with double package protection material, inner bag is composite membrane(composite membrane’s tight pore structure keeps even the smallest of particulate through the package, but the water vapour can through it freely);

Outer package is non-woven to protect package inside and outside.

What’s more, Chunwang container desiccant are packed with PE bag individually.

Product Comparison

TOPDRY Desiccant VS Traditionaly Desiccant

Traditional desiccant, like silica gel desiccant with only 10% moisture absorbent capacity of its own weight and 14 days absorption period. What's worse, the already absorbed moisture by silica gel desiccant will start to re-evaporate if the surrounding temperature rise over 40 degree centigrade, and that will cause a big moisture damage problem. And in a shipping container, it is very usual that the temperature inside a container will rise over 60 degree centigrade.

Due to the low moisture absorbent capacity and limited working temperature range of silica gel desiccant, we can declare that silica gel is not suitable for moisture absorbent in a shipping container.

If your cargo suffer from moisture damage, why not give TOPDRY Desiccant a chance to show you.

Chunwang Desiccant
Traditional Desiccant
Absorbent Material
Improved Calcium Chloride Mix Desiccant
Silica Gel Desiccant
Moisture Absorbent Capacity
Over 300% Of Its Own Weight
10%-15% Of Its Own Weight
Lasting Absorption Period
90 Days
14 Days
Package Material
Superior Double Package Protection
Single Package
TOPDRY Desiccant Packed In a PE Bag Individually
All Desiccant Packed in one Bag
Working Temperature
-40°C To +90°C
Under 40°C
DMF Free, Non-toxic, REACH Certification
Contain DMF, Cancerogenic Chemical Cobalt Chloride

* Perfectly Sewed By Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Other Traditional Desiccant

Usage Introduction

Usage Requirements.

The recommended usage for Chunwang  container desiccant is 6 to 8kg for a standard 20 foot shipping container, and 10 to 12kg for a standard 40 foot shipping container. Easily hang the TOPDRY Container Desiccant with rotatable hook in the corrugation of the container panel.

Since travel time, weather conditions, temperature variations and final destination, shipping cargo type may significantly affect the levels of humidity encountered during the voyage, please consult us for more information.


Check if there is damage with the container, for example, if there is hole or crack at the sides, top or bottom of container.


Check container floor moisture contain (MC), a high MC in excess of 20% can increase risk of moisture damage. If the nature of containers can’t be changed.
It is necessary to increase the quantity of TOPDRY Container desiccant based in the amount of water contain in container to ensure the safety of goods.


Seal all the ventilating holes.


Take out the TOPDRY desiccant from the carton before its expiry date.

5.Cut apart the exterior PE bag and take out of desiccant.


Loading container ASAP.& Close the doors immediately.

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