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Pest Control Disposable Moth Balls

Pest Control Disposable Moth Balls

Pest Control Disposable Moth Balls is made of refined naphthalene,it can anti insect, prevent mildew and bad smells.

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Product Details

Pest Control Disposable Moth Balls

It namePest Control Disposable Moth Balls
Raw MaterialsNaphthalene
Net Weight100g
FeatureEco-friendly and natural
Shelf time3 years in sealed and dry condition.
FunctionAnti insects, prevent mildew, mold.
ApplicationToilet, closet, wardrobe, bookcase, etc.
MOQ5000 bags


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1. Specifications: Purity 99%.

2. Features:

    This products is made of refined naphthalene, which has resistance function against insect, mildew and bad smell.

3. Usage Methods & Purpose:

a) Suitable for clothing, leather, books and documents etc. Cut and open packaging or make hole with needle and then put it into closet, bookcase, suitcase or bathroom, etc.

b) You can wrap this product with paper or put it into a box and store them with clothings, or lether, or books etc. This product can prevent mildew and moth from your living room and toilet.

4. How to use:

a) Wraped with paper and put into chest of drawers, closing the door so that extending using time.

b) Put it away from food, ware for eating and plastic toys etc.

c) Do not use it with any other moth- proof products.

d) Do not eat and keep out of reach of children.

5. Caution:

a) This is a product made of refined naphthalene, which can not be placed with camphor or para in the same box to prevent chemica 1 change, otherwise the clothes will be weinkly and polluted.

b) Keep away from children.

c) Do not be used as presercvative of food.

d) Disposal of waste containers destroy and be sure not to use for other purpose.

e) Shelf date: 3 years

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